Architect : OMA

« La façade de l'espace de consultation est un ouvrage spécial inédit en France, composée de vitrages complexes en verre structurel de grande hauteur » Robert-Jan van SANTEN Architecte - Co-gérant - Fondateur

Project details

  • Reference : 2010-227
  • Project manager(s) : Robert-Jan van SANTEN
  • Previous project manager(s) : Emilie DEVELLE
  • Client : Caen la mer
  • Surface : 12,700 m²
  • Budget total : 29,000,000.00 €
  • Localisation : Caen
  • Programme : Library
  • Work : New building

Our involvement in this project was first requested by OMA in order to help them design a 6.2m-tall glazed façade, ideally without walers or mullions... and on a limited budget. The solution was quickly found: the insulating glazing will have an exterior glass with an inside part to give it the necessary rigidity, while the interior glass will remain flat. We then helped the generalist design office to develop the solution. Several geometries were tested at the calculation stage, but the curved glass supplier will have the final word. The supplier prioritised ease of manufacturing, with an interesting side objective to reduce optical distortion in the glass. During static trials, the glass with this geometry proved to be perfectly effective.