Gionee Tower 金立总部塔楼

Architect : Zhubo Design Group

Project details

  • Reference : HK2015-1424
  • Project manager(s) : Hyejun AN
  • Previous project manager(s) : Ruby WANG
  • Client : Gionee Communication Equipment
  • Localisation : Shenzhen CHINA
  • Programme : Office
  • Work : New building

The geometry of Gionee tower is very complex. The rectangular base is filleted at corners, and each frontage has a zig-zagged edge on the plane, so it's all over the place. Vertical alignment of the facade module is inclined, so at the corner, which is filleted, the module surfaces are twisted. At the lower part, the inclined zig-zag facade curves outwards like a skirt, creating a canopy space near vertical lobby facade. For the regular facade, we develop a unitized system with a window integrated mullion. Optimizing the complex facade was also a main task. We have optimized the facade, and the double curved facade is optimized for conical and cylindrical facades.