Grand Palais

Architect : LAN

Project details

  • Reference : 2018-2411
  • Project manager(s) : Felix CAUCHETEUX
  • Client : Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais
  • Mission : APD - PRO - ACT
  • Budget total : 135 M€
  • Localisation : Paris
  • Glass : Verrière
  • Programme : Retail
  • Work : Rehabilitation

This project of a new glass roof above the observatory of the Grand Palais - Paris 8, takes place on a historical building. The project is part of the restoration and development project of the Grand Palais. It aims to complement and enhance the formal logic of the Grand Palais by interventions that tend, while respecting its identity, to restore its modernity.

In this logic, the project is set up in such a way as to ensure homogeneity with the other windows in restoration by the François Chatillon agency. It is a reception room with a glass roof and a sliding facade implanted on an existing steel structure restored. The project will have to present an exemplary character, like the historical building, in particular in its respect of the existing and the environment.