Greenhouses of Roland Garros

Architect : Marc MIMRAM

Project details

  • Reference : 2013-1341
  • Project manager(s) : Nicolas DELPLANQUE - Quentin BATELI
  • Previous project manager(s) : Goktug GUNEY, Emilie JOET
  • Expertises : Complex Geometry - Solar Protection
  • Client : FFT
  • Surface : 5,300 m²
  • Budget total : 16,000,000.00 €
  • Localisation : Paris
  • Glass : Verrière
  • Programme : Sporif
  • Work : New building - Rehabilitation -

The new tennis court from Roland Garros is well placed between four greenhouses that make sure the project is properly integrated in the Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil. The main concern of this project was to define and develop the complex geometry of the dome’s glass structure. The glass was placed like scales in two directions thanks to a system of woodworking that allows for such stacking.This woodwork was originally conceived with folded steel sheet metal but evolved throughout working with the  firm to become a series of carefully measured aluminium extrusions. An exterior motorised solar system of protection was put in place according to the same geometry so as to respect the particular aesthetic of the project.