Oloron Library

Architect : Pascale GUEDOT

Project details

  • Reference : 2006-125
  • Project manager(s) : Robert-Jan van SANTEN
  • Expertises : Solar Protection
  • Client : Communauté des communes du Piémont Oloronais
  • Surface : 2,700 m²
  • Budget total : 5,480,000.00 €
  • Localisation : Oloron
  • Glass : Murs rideaux
  • Programme : Library
  • Work : New building

Curtain walls of the R-1 any height have been purified to the maximum to accentuate the levitation effect of the volume RDC/R + 1 above the gaves: large glazed elements, absence of vertical studs (socket between 2 rabbeting, high and low), ties High invisible in the thickness of the false ceiling, low crossings below the finished level. The exposed facades are equipped with interior blinds.   The wood meshes of the ground and R + 1 facades on gaves are composed of laminate posts glued in Douglas (Section 60x300mm). The wood siding is in Douglas-fir panels. Silver Square 2010